Brandy Stepetin



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Hey! I am Brandy Stepetin, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and group fitness instructor. As a wife and very active mom of 3, we enjoy getting outside as a family! Nothing is off limits with outdoor activities but we are usually found hiking, running or riding bikes in the summer and snowshoeing, sledding or skiing in the winter.

My fitness journey began after my daughter was born in 2008 and has continued. I received my AFAA group fitness certification in 2009, which allowed me to start my own stroller fitness class during our time in Hawaii. Upon moving to Alaska in 2011, I started Alaska Fit Mommies (a stroller-based fitness class) in 2012 but once our 3 rd child was on his way, I decided that chapter with AFM was coming to an end. I have continued to teach group fitness classes including circuit, HIIT, and aqua boot camp. I also have trainings specific to Tabata Bootcamp and TRX. My favorite type of class is a circuit style with cardio and strength – feeling strong is nothing short of awesome!

I attended the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2018 to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). I have struggled with acne, fatigue and joint issues that never seem to have answers, no matter how many doctors I saw, the answer was always “we could try……… (insert medication).” Once experimenting with food and realizing that food IS medicine, I became a huge believer that we really are what we digest. I am not perfect in any way and still struggle with these issues but they all have a common link – FOOD. This has allowed to me to become in-tune with my body and I know what may happen on those days or days after that my food intake is less than optimal.

As an NTP, we take a personal and systematic approach that includes initial interviews, a nutritional questionnaire and a functional evaluation to get at the root cause of the symptom and work on fixing the system. As an NTP, I do not treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any condition or disease. However, the focus is rebalancing the body by identifying systems that need support and giving it nutrients (whole foods, perhaps!) so your body can heal itself and you can continue a journey to optimal wellness. In no way is this a quick fix or overnight miracle. I am a strong believer in a bio-individual approach and there are no two people that would be recommended the exact same plan.

I am currently a group leader for the NTP 2018 course in Olympia, WA.

In 2018, I went through the Balance + Thrive program (a whole person approach to nutritional healing-Nutrition+Mindset+Lifestyle).

My pillars for optimal wellness are:

  1. Nutrition (nutrient dense whole foods)
  2. Movement (daily activity, fitness)
  3. Lifestyle (stress, sleep, relationships, obstacles)
  4. Bio-Individuality (we are all different)

I look forward to helping you find the right steps to your health and wellness journey!