Madison Gartman


I am an Occupational Therapist, Registered Dietitian, and Yoga Instructor. I practice as a consultant utilizing these dual healthcare professions to assist individuals in creating healthy sustainable habits and routines. I am able to provide a genuine, innovative approach to best fit one’s lifestyle goals and needs.

I was a child with multiple food allergies, so reading food labels became a part of my lifestyle at a young age. I completed my Dietetic Internship at the VA Sonny Montgomery Hospital where I was introduced to Occupational Therapy by surprise. I played dominos daily with a few veterans. It became a “breakfast club.” These men improved their social interaction skills, food intake, behavior, attention to tasks and overall daily functional performance. An Occupational Therapist told me I was doing her job! It was then I knew I wanted to help others improve their quality of life and performance.

After completing an occupational therapy program, I took a position with an international nonprofit organization. I gathered data and performed home visits in third world countries. As an OT and RD, I located individuals with physical disabilities who would benefit from proper medical equipment. My job entailed repairing and modifying mobility devices as well as patient education.

After working in several countries as a solo practitioner, I moved closer to my family and worked in mainstream healthcare hospitals as an occupational therapist.

I moved to Alaska in July 2016. I broke my fibula and tibia in a serious skiing accident and became a patient myself. Recovery was long and painful, but through it I discovered effective ways to modify my traditional yoga practice to accommodate my slowly healing body. I became convinced that I could help others who have physical challenges benefit from yoga’s strengthening and alignment postures by combining with my occupational therapy background.

I researched yoga immersion programs and have become equipped to help others through yoga as well as dietetics and occupational therapy.

I am passionate, thrive on challenge and truly desire to serve others. I am focusing on a career path that enables me to assist others in incorporating healthy, sustainable routines, which enrich quality and performance through all seasons of life.


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