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Dr. Rich Woolley, owner of Sports Injury Chiropractic, is a licensed chiropractor and certified athletic trainer, working with the team at Valley Orthopedic Massage And Wellness. His path to becoming a chiropractor began when he injured his back as a teenager and suffered for years with low back pain. Because of his back injury and other injuries, he gained an interest in sports medicine, majoring in athletic training as an undergraduate. As an athletic trainer, he worked with athletic injuries from a variety of sports. He saw how effective joint manipulation could be in treating pain and decided to become a chiropractor. While pursuing his Doctor of Chiropractic, he also earned his Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. After graduating from chiropractic school, he moved to Alaska with his family to begin his chiropractic career in

Dr. Woolley has pursued post graduate training and is certified in trigger point dry needling through Myopain Seminars. He finds that fascial adhesions and trigger points in muscle can be significant factors in musculoskeletal pain and range of motion restrictions. Aside from dry needling, Dr. Woolley also utilizes chiropractic adjustments, joint mobilizations, massage, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise, strain counterstrain, etc., as needed. Dr. Woolley continues his studies to gain a deeper understanding of musculoskeletal pathology and pain in order to better help his patients. He enjoys spending quality time with his patients and is
passionate about helping them get well. He also enjoys treating not just the spine, but the extremities, especially the shoulder and the hip. To schedule an appointment with him, please
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