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Since starting Valley Orthopedic Massage and Wellness, our team of therapists has dedicated themselves to providing high quality massage therapy services to our clients. One thing we have continually hear, however, is how hard it is to find other wellness services that are delivered by knowledgeable, reliable and qualified professionals. 

In 2018, we decided to try to bring as many wellness services as possible into one location. Since 2018, VOMW has been offering not just massage, but nutrition, group fitness, personal training, yoga, pilates, community wellness classes and SO much more! As we move forward, we plan to add to the excellent team we have, bringing our community as many wellness services as we can under one roof!

We look forward to continuing to meet our clients high expectations for care as we add to the team!

Massage Team

Jill Motz


Graduating from the National Massage Therapy Institute in Anchorage, Alaska in 2003, I have pursued a lifelong passion for education in my professional life, holding several certifications in advanced massage and manual therapy.

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Call: (907) 727-2596
Email: lifetouchalaska@gmail.com


Juliana SMit


Juliana graduated from the US Career Institute in Fort Collins Colorado in 2019. Since graduation she has begun working towards certification in Muscle Activation Technique, Graston and Structural Integration.

Born and raised in Alaska, she is a Colony High School graduate and passionate advocate in the Mat-Su Valley.

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Call(907) 707-7648




Cassandra Hillman is a Licensed Massage Therapist Specializing in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, her skill set ranges from stress-reducing relaxation massages to injuryrehabilitation. Cassandra‚Äôs mission as a massage therapist is to not only relieve the stress and pain that life brings but to help prevent reoccurring injuries through patient education in appropriate stretching technique and proper body mechanics. 

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Call: (907) 268-9828
Email: cassandrahilllmt@gmail.com


Wellness Team


Rich Woolley


Dr. Rich Woolley, owner of Sports Injury Chiropractic, is a licensed chiropractor and certified athletic trainer, working with the team at Valley Orthopedic Massage And Wellness. His path to becoming a chiropractor began when he injured his back as a teenager and suffered for years with low back pain. Because of his back injury and other injuries, he gained an interest in sports medicine, majoring in athletic training as an undergraduate.

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Call: (907) 726-3668
Email: drwoolley11@gmail.com


Traveling Therapists

David Edwards-Smith


David Graduated from the Ann Arbor School of Massage and Bodywork in 1995 and was quickly drawn to the Active Release Technique. By 2010 he was full body certified in ART and began his career in Kenai, where he still practices today. David joins Valley Orthopedic Massage and Wellness as a traveling specialty therapist who treats and teaches in Wasilla about once a month. 

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Call: (907) 394-2816
Email: dave@edwards-smith.com


Samantha Taylor


Samantha Taylor graduated from the 1000 hour massage therapy program at the Desert Institute of Healing Arts in Tucson, AZ. She specializes in injury management and rehabilitation and orthopedic massage and wellness. She is currently going to graduate school in pursuit of a Masters of Science in Nursing but will be a traveling therapist with her schedule open only by contacting her directly.

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Call: (907) 350-3510
Email: aom@ak.net


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