About Us

Since starting Valley Orthopedic Massage and Wellness, our team of therapists has dedicated themselves to providing high quality massage therapy services to our clients. One thing we have continually hear, however, is how hard it is to find other wellness services that are delivered by knowledgeable, reliable and qualified professionals. 

In 2018, we decided to try to bring as many wellness services as possible into one location. Since 2018, VOMW has been offering not just massage, but nutrition, group fitness, personal training, yoga, pilates, community wellness classes and SO much more! As we move forward, we plan to add to the excellent team we have, bringing our community as many wellness services as we can under one roof!


Valley Orthopedic Massage and Wellness 

1700 E. Bogard Rd. 
Suite 203 A
Wasilla, AK 99654

Call: (907) 727-2596
Fax: 1-866-735-0985